Routes in the Adventure Park
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Routes in the Adventure Park

Routes in the Adventure Park:

In an area of 13.604 sq. m there are 17 routes and over 160 different climbing stations with different grades of difficulty. You can train courage, skill and test your limits on net bridges, ropeways, climbing grips and ropes.

We have built our routes medhodically from easy to very difficult. The grade of difficulty can be recognized ba colours.

Blue = EASY (easy to medium -> body height from 120 cm or aged 6 years)

Red = MEDIUM (difficult -> body height from 130cm)

Black = DIFFICULT (extreme -> body heigth form 150 cm)

Our area:

13.604 sq. m

17 different routes

35 Flying Fox line, including 9 XXL lines

20m height from 0,50 to 20 m

900 m flight route

Base jump from 10 m high