Hiking tours on Zettersfeld near Lienz
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Hiking tours on Zettersfeld near Lienz

The Neualpl lakes in the shadow of the Schleinitz

The "north route" to the Neualpl lakes (2,438m)

The easy, safe and short "family route" offers a view of the Schober mountains and passes many ponds and lakes. You can reach the high mountain area with its impressive barren landscape without too much effort. A good path, which is easy walking, leads from the panoramic information board on the Neualpl ridge to the north side of the lakes. After a gentle ascent, the north-east edge of the Goiselemandl and a second panoramic information board is reached. A descent over 40 steps leads to an area of boulders and then descends slowly to the Neualpl lakes.

The Neualpl lakes are a hidden beauty and a fascinating remnant of the ice age. Six lakes, some of which are quite big, are situated in a charming hollow at 2,438 m above sea level. The hike around the lakes leads to each lake. The "Nußdorfer" lake even has its own island.

Starting point: The top station of the Zettersfeld Panorama lift.

Description: Cross Schoberköpfl on the southern side to the panorama information board of the Neualpl ridge. The path to the north ridge ist suitable for families. A gentle ascent leads to the north-east edge of the Goiselemandl where ther is a shelter just below the path. A second panorama information board tells you about the peaks all around the Schleinitz. A descent over about 40 steps leads to an area of boulders north of the Goiselemandl. A path over grass and a smoth surface due to glacial abrasion leads to the Neualpl lakes. From the top station of the Panorama lift 1 1/2 - 2 hours, about 620m differnce in height. From the top sation of the 4-seater chair lift Steinermandl 3/4 - 1 hour, 225m difference in height.

Neualpl lakes - a circular route

Starting point: Neualpl lakes. A hike with impressive scenery, marked easy. The circular route leads to each lake. There's the "Nussdorfer" lake with its own island and the " Thurner" lake surrounded by rocks to the west. Signposts and heaps of stones support the markings.

Walking time: 1/2 hour, links up to the hiking rout to the Neualpl lakes.


Goiselemandl 2.433 m

Goiselemandl (Goisele) is the symmetrical grassy summit north-west of Zettersfeld which is situated about halfway to the Neualpl lakes. This summit, which is frequently climbed, falls away steeply to the north and is a goal in itself on the Neualpl ridge. It is marked easy.

Starting point: top station of the 4-seater chair lift Steinermandl.

Description: From Steinermandl go around the south side of the Schoberköpfl until you reach a Panorama information board. The path approaches the Goiselemandl from the south (board, small fences) and reamains easy even ofer the steeper part at the end.

Walking time: 3/4 hour, 220 m difference in height.

Lienz – Thurn – Tschule – Zettersfeld 1.820 m

This sporty ascent over the "Tschule" is one of the major hiking routes on Zettersfeld. It is marked as route "4a".

Starting point: Thurn/Prappernitze

Description: The route begins by "Unternigglergehöft" (roadside shrine) in the direction of Tschule. Part of this old alm path is broader due to a forest path and the ancient gullies are easy to walk along. The Tschule is a meadow surrounded by woods with an incredible view of the Lienz valley floor and the Lienzer Dolomites. (A path from the chair lift bottom station also goes to the Tschule through the woods to the Reiterhof.) The well-markde route goes over the Mußhauser-hut and then through a larch wood to the Zettersfeld hut, the Sporthotel "Hochlienz" and to the Panorama lift top station. Descend with the lift.

Walking time: 3 hours, about 960m difference in height.

Zettersfeld cirular route

Marked, easy alm and hut hiking route in the south-east area of Zettersfeld.
Starting point: Zettersfeld Panorama lift top station.
Description: From the top station eastwards to the mountain gasthaus Zettersfeld, to the Alpengasthof "Bidner" and to the valley station of the Wartschenbrunn lift, 1,780m. The route 25a continues in the direction of the Faschingalm. At the end of the wood, the signpost Nr. 25b shows us the way to the Naturfreundhütte, 1,850m. Go back to the junction of the route Nr. 25b in the direction of the Kolping holiday house (1,899m) with the St. Micheal's church. Wonderful views of the Lienz Dolomites. The return to the Zettersfeld Panorama lift top station.
Walking time: 1 3/4 hours

Thurner Alm

On the southern slope of the Schleinitz, marked, route 10, easy
Starting point: Zettersfeld Panorama lift top station.

Description: Follow the Zettersfeld road to the top and then on to the Rottmann alm, 1,894m. The ascend over the wooded west slope of the Pließriegels, marked rout 10, to the spacious Schleinitz syncline. The route joins the wide alm path from Thurn which continues on to the Thurner alm. It's possible to climb to the Schleinitz hut, 2,153m, from here before hitting the higher "Oberwalder" track (marked in red-white). It continues to the Alkuser valley, 1 hour, or in an easterly direction back to the Zettersfeld reservoir. There is a steep track from there, marked route 9a, back down to the Rottmann alm and back to the starting point

Walking time: 3 - 3 1/2 hours

Schoberköpfl circular route 2.278 m

Marked, easy
Starting point: top station of the 4-seater Steinermandl chair lift. This hike begins by the display board in the area of the top station of the lift and continues over the Neualpl ridge from Steinermandl to Schoberköpfl. The climb to the Schoberköpfl is along the narrow ridge piste (T-bar lift top station) and keeping left, further to the board whiche shows directions. It also shows the way back to the mountain meadows.
Walking time: 3/4 - 1 hour


Nordic Walking high trail 5

Zettersfeld centre circular route

Starting point: top station Zettersfeld. Attractive route at 1,750 m above sea level with wonderful panoramic views. Travel by cable car to the start. Length: 3.7km; difference in height: about 500 m.; surfaces: asphalt 310m, meadow 1,400m, 1,990m. Difficulty:easy

Nordic Walking Höhentrail 6

Zettersfeld-heights circular route

Starting point: top station Zettersfeld. Challenging route up to 1,930m above the sea level. Wonderful views. Travel by cable car to the start. Length: 5,4 km; difference in height: about 670 m. Surfaces: asphalt 610m; meadow 1,870m; gravel 2,920m. Difficulty middle.