What slopes are currently open
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Snow height & opening times


What slopes are currently open

Find out what slopes are currently open in our skiing areas Hochstein and Zettersfeld.

Which slopes are currently open?

Overview slopes Zettersfeld
1: Familienabfahrt
2: Osthang
2a: Osthangumfahrung
3: Mittelhang
4: Goldener Pflug
4a: Pflugumfahrung
4b: Stieglerschuss
5: Schoberköpfl
6: Märchenwiese
7: Idlboden
8: Faschingalm
8a: Peheim
9: Panorama
10: Biedneralm
13: Skiroute

Overview slopes Hochstein
1: Hochalm
2: Gams
3: Reiterfeichte
4: Familie
5: Taxermoos
6: Weltcupstrecke