Skiing area Lienz - Zettersfeld
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Skiing area Lienz - Zettersfeld

Skiing area Lienz - Zettersfeld

Fun and Lifestyle on the sun terrace

Zettersfeld is the winter sport's roof of the town Lienz. It is not only a sport's arena but also a social and a relaxed meeting place for the local inhabitants and guest alike. The sun shines most of the time here and the pistes are family-friendly. Alongside a colourful mix of skiers from all over the world, the young scene of the town enjoys the Sunsit-Park. Free riders and snowboarders, who dance at night to the Dubstep-Grooves of the local DJ scene, enjoy the sun and lifestyle high above the valley during the day.

Only about 15 minutes from the centre of the town it's possible to chill out, ski and sunbath. After skiing over the different pistes, enjoy a cup of tea in one of the many huts and watch the colourful para-gliders who use the perfect air currents over the sunny slopes the whole winter long. Children are well-cared for in the ski kindergarten, so that the parents can relax in this wonderful ski area.

The locals of Lienz have their own sport pass which is valid for a whole year. They commute back and forth several times a day between the town and the mountain, enjoying a couple of runs or a short ski tour so that they can gossip about their wonderful skiing experiences in one of the pretty town cafés later on.

A quick look at the web-cam on your mobile phone shows what the weather is like on the mountain, because often towards the end of winter, while the valleys are still covered with fog and an icy cold, the sun shines above with such a warmth that you can put on your bikini top.

There are larger ski areas, longer pistes and more modern resorts, but the authentic charm and the qualitiy of life in winter of the small town of Lienz and its ski areas is hard to beat. In the town alone there are four restaurants with chef hats, a concert hall and a cinema. A perfect infrastructure is a plus for winter sport enjoyment. Whoever comes once, comes again.