for nature lovers…

In the middle of nature. You, the sun and the impressive mountains surrounding Lienz.

Discover the most stunning destinations with the Lienzer Bergbahnen. The extensive network of hiking trails at the Hochstein and Zettersfeld and the beautiful mountain lakes will make you forget your busy daily life.

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Guided Tours to the Seewiesenalm

 During the special moor adventure hike to the Seewiesenalm we discover an almost forgotten mountain moor on the Lienzer Zettersfeld. From the ranger we learn how the mysteries surrounding moors have always shaped mankind an how moors are formed. To round off this hike comfortably we stop ah the Naturfreundehütte on the way. Prices adults €20 / children up to 14 years €13 (plus costs for the lift - free with the Osttirol Card)

Information and registration:
Phone: +43 4875 5161-10

Marmot Hiking Trail

A special highlight in summer is the “Murmeltier” hiking trail at Zettersfeld. Starting point is the top station “Steinermandl”. From there, take the path to the famous “Steinmandln” (little stone towers). Along the Lienz high altitude trail you can get information about the life of groundhogs (“Murmeltier”) and with a bit of luck, you will even be able to observe them in the wild.

distance: 6 km

walking time: 2 to 3 hrs.

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