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Be a camrider

How does it work?

You take our bright blue CAMRIDER helmet with a gopro cam on the top and go out in our skiing areas Zettersfeld or Hochstein. You film everything you do - eather skiing or eating or havin fun...
Afterwards we make a 1 to 2 minutes film out of it and post it here!
Whatever you experience on the slopes - or apart from it - film it with your bright blue helmet camera

Camrider Pavel

Pavel from the Czech Republic always brings a lot of student groups to Lienz. The younger and older children and adolescents, simply love the perfect slopes here. Whether beginner or advanced, with downhill skis or snowboards - everyone can find "his" departure.

Camrider Gerald Ameseder - fly high

The cable car brought Gerald Amesder, the "flying" Camrider to the Zettersfeld to Steinermandl. Only 50 meters from the exit point did the hang glider pilot start to fly high up on the Lienz sky.

Camrider Karin Schamel

Karin Schamel was our first camrider. She comes from germany and since many years she spends her vacation in Iselsberg. Hochstein and Zettersfeld are her favourite skiing areas.

Camrider Mathias and Marlena

Mathias and Marlena Rink come from Vienna and spend three days with their parents in Lienz. As our "Camrider children" on the Hochstein, they had to ski in the middle of a real snow storm. This is the reality web winter.

Camrider Maria Oberrainer

Maria and Reinhard are real "Lienzer Bergbahnen Insider". They are on the slope almost every day and in their movie they showed us not only how to ski - they also made some stops in Naturfreundehütte and Meckis panoramastubn.

Camrider Benjamin and Marco

During the week the 16 years old boys Marco and Benjamin are in high school. But on the weekends, they just love to take their snowboard and tick-ski and spend their time on our slopes!

Camrider Sybille Taxerer

Sociable highlight for guests and hoteliers in the region is the Hotelcup Lienz ski race on the Zettersfeld. In multiple classes they struggle though the courts. Sybille Taxerer the directress of the Hotel Traube was our camrider this day and she took this video.

Camrider Philipp Ploner

Philipp Ploner was born in Lienz, but is living and working in Vienna now. He comes back to Lienz on vacation and loves to spend his free-time to do some sports. In the winter he has only one goal: skiing, skiing, skiing.

Camrider Daniel Litzenberger

Arctic temperatures and beautiful weather on the Zettersfeld are good conditions for a successful skiing day. For the 7th time, Daniel Litzenberger came with his family from Niederösterreich to spend the winter vacation in Hotel Traube in Lienz.

Camrider Nepomuk takes ist all

A maximum on driving pleasure for our snowboarder Nepomuk on the Zettersfeld! The young man Lienz does not only enjoy traveling on slopes or in the fun park. He got the ultimate kick on his freeride down the pristine slopes in the Debanttal.

Camrider "ECCO Benetton Donne"

The gondola has brought the four-Camrider Girls Angelika, Silke, Karin and Gabi to the Zettersfeld, an ideal starting point also for alpine touring. They went on touring skis towards Goisele, which is about 2,400 meters above sea level. The effort of the climb was worthwhile in any case!

Camrider Rita at Beck'n-fleck'n

If you really want to know, what fun in the snow is all about, you should watch this movie or come to Hochstein, when we start the "Beck'n-fleck'n".

Camrider Helga Deschmann

Get out of school, take all your pupils, your skis and go high up to the mountains. Helga Deschmann, a really sportiv teacher showed us, how she spends a day at Zettersfeld with "her" girls.

Camrider Norbert Brunner and friends

Camrider Norbert and his friends went with the Schlossbergbahn to the Moosalm at Hochstein. They showed, that it is not only possible to get back to town with their skis. They took the Osttirodler - the all year toboggan. That was fun!