Osttirodler - 'Ganzjahres-Rodelbahn in Lienz in Osttirol für Winter und Sommer
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Lienzer Schlossberg

Welcome to the mountain in Lienz that offers great experiences. Immerse yourself in another world for a whole day. Fun and adventure right in the middle of nature. The Schlossberg offers a wide range of activities for the whole family so you can have an exciting and relaxing time.

The adventure park

The Adventure Park on Schlossberg in Lien is the largest climbing area in Tyrol and belongs to one of the best in the whole of Austria. Safety is of paramount importance and a safety-belt system is being used for the first time in Austria. Whether you are a beginner or experienced, you can have fun.
Der größte Hochseilgarten von Tirol steht bei uns am Lienzer Schlossberg und bietet über 12 Parcours.
Schloss Bruck - Erlebnis Lienzer Schlossberg Hochstein - Lienz Osttirol

Schloss Bruck

The museum of the city Lienz

Schloss Bruck
Schlossberg 1
Phone: +43 4852 62580
Telefax: +43 4852 62580-4
Mail: museum@stadt-lienz.at

Hiking on Hochstein

First, there is a cabin-chairlift combination up to the Moosalm (around 1,000m) and 2nd part is a double chairlift up to the Sternalm (around 1,500m). Even the journey with the lift is an experience due to the unique view of the town of Lienz, the Lienz valley and the surrounding world of mountain.
Hubertus See - Erlebnis Lienzer Schlossberg Hochstein - Lienz Osttirol

Hubertus Lake

You would never guess from the valley that the Lienzer Schlossberg has 2 lakes. Both are reservoirs for snowmaking in winter.
The Hubertus lake is located about 10 mins walk above the Sternalm and is the smaller but more idyllic of the two.
Moosalm See - Erlebnis Lienzer Schlossberg Hochstein - Lienz Osttirol

Moosalm Lake

The easiest way to reach the idyllic mountain lake is with the Schlossberg lift on Hochstein. Directly by the end fo the combination lift, pass the Moosalm hotel and ascend about 10-15 mintes in the direction of the wood. There is the Moosalm lake, a reservoir.

Circular route Reiter Chapel

This fine circular route begins at the Moosalm, goes to the Reiter chapel and back again. It's an easy circular hike for the whole family.
Starting point: Lift topstation of the Schlossberg lift.
From the Moosalm follow the path to the barrier and the sign "Reiteralm".

Viewing Tower Venedigerwarte

The best secret tip on the Schlossberg is the Venedigerwarte. A viewing tower hidden in the woods near the Osttirodler where you can have a fabulous view not only over Lienz and Zettersfeld but even to the Großvenediger and the Isel valley.

Pets' Corner Moosalm

You can travel directly by chairlift or cable car from the station at the bottom of the Hochstein to the Moosalm, where you can hear the laughter of children, the gabble of geese and the bleating of goats coming from the pets' corner and the adventure playground.
Eines der Highlights am Lienzer Schlossberg ist der wirklich tolle Streichelzoo auf der Moosalm. Süß!