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Terrace skiing in Lienz. The video

Looks like terrace skiing in Lienz, perfect slopes, casual sun terraces - all for one motto

Zettersfeld - a winter dream video

Sun, sun, sun - that's what Zettersfeld is all about.
Watch this movie and see, that this is completely different world!
See more videos from Zettersfeld, Hochstein and the Osttirodler


The most spectacular alpine coaster of the alps: thats our all year toboggan OSTTIRODLER.
Have a look on our video, that shows you, how it works!

Zettersfeld - enjoy, relax, have fun!

This video shows you everything, that you can do, when you spend your day in our skiing area Zettersfeld. Skiing, snowboarding, having great lunch, ...

Camrider - Videos season 1

We have made a trailer out of all camrider videos of the season. So you really get an impression, of how it looks like and how it feels to be on vacation in our skiing areas Zettersfeld and Hochstein.

Osttirodler Spot

16 seconds, that shows you, how funny and spectacular it is, to drive the OSTTIRODLER, our all year toboggan.

Camrider Videos from Lienz

Our camriders put on the blue camrider helmet with a gopro camera on the top and go out skiing and having fun. Afterwards we make a trailer out of it.
We love it!

Osttirodler: Downhill with Sandra and Bettina

Bettina and Sandra will show you, how they like to go downhill with the OSTTIRODLER.